Lorenzo Quinn Jewellery


Lorenzo Quinn

The evocative artistic universe of Lorenzo Quinn invites us to stroll through the realm of dreams. His experience and life’s work awaken a desire in the figurative sculptor to spread his work’s true allure all over the world: the messages. A passion that manifests its raison d’être in jewellery. Striking a perfect balance between the tangible expression of values and art


ByLorenzoQuinn jewellery symbolises the artist’s own sensibility and his distinctive way of projecting life. An aspirational fusion with exalted designs, emerging from the idea of love as the ultimate expression. Elegant, transcendent and pure collections, because when it comes to love, less is never more.


“I craft meaningful art to be worn because a piece of jewellery is more than just an ornament, it says a lot about you and should be part of the story of your life”.

Rings, necklaces and bracelets that connect with the most intimate feelings of society. Emotional value and avant-garde embodied under the exclusive and personal brand of Lorenzo Quinn.


Discover the captivating ByLorenzoQuinn designs that make this signature brand the alternative to the conventional: art transformed into jewellery that conveys stories.