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Lorenzo Quinn Jewellery



Sculptures poised on the skin, embracing and exalting their beauty. ByLorenzoQuinn Fine Jewellery was conceived from this premise, based on the excellence and purity of designs that tell stories and exceed all expectations.

An eternal source of creativity that lets your imagination run wild. Unique, avant-garde pieces that adopt one of the author’s most emblematic silhouettes: the gesture of hands joining hands in a demonstration of love.

Exceptionality embodied in jewellery to feel the evocative universe of Lorenzo Quinn.

The unmistakable sculptural aesthetic inherent in all our designs is only possible with the meticulous selection of precious metals. Impeccable finishes in white, rose and silver gold are fused with pavé-set diamonds in a striking style statement.

Sensitivity, love, perseverance and authenticity: each ByLorenzoQuinn piece of jewellery merges all these elements. Sensitivity akin to the Italian artist’s savoir faire. Love for telling stories with soul. Perseverance because the work of the craftsmen requires the utmost meticulousness to achieve perfection in the finishes. And authenticity: one of the most significant values in life.

Materials that matter in the creation of small-scale works of art.


Since 2016, the ByLorenzoQuinn jewellery brand has embodied a tradition of artisanal excellence. The raison d’être of this signature brand would not be the same without the work of its master craftsmen, who, from the first sketch to the delicate assembly process of each piece of jewellery, are able to adapt the emblematic universe of the Italian sculptor. A unique talent and expertise that is reflected in the meticulous workmanship of precious metals and sublime diamonds. An artistic prowess that materialises in hypnotic designs, the ultimate in jewellery.