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Lorenzo Quinn Jewellery


Jewel Care

Your Lorenzo jewellery is the result of an extremely delicate, handcrafted creative process. We recommend you treat and use it with the utmost care in order to maintain its beauty over the years to come.

This jewellery conveys a life message that makes it special. If cared for adequately, it could become a treasured family heirloom. Dust, pollution and daily use contribute to dulling the gems’ shine. The surface of the gold can gradually acquire a dark tone. Sometimes, a gem can fall out of the setting if proper care is not taken.

Professional cleaning of the piece is recommended at least once a year. We invite you to send your Lorenzo jewellery to our head offices to undergo a professional maintenance service. Our team of experts is familiar with every aspect of caring for jewellery, such as cleaning precious stones, threading pearls or repairing brooch or earring clasps.

Follow these instructions to help keep your jewellery in its original condition:

Allow yourself enough time to handle your jewellery with care.

Always remove your jewellery before washing your hands and putting on perfume or cream. The particles in these cosmetic products are not eliminated with a quick rinse and can become lodged in cavities, forming a corrosive blend that, over time, can lead to the premature deterioration of the jewellery.

Regular contact with household detergents, acidic compounds or insecticides may damage metals and some precious stones.

Products that contain mercury, such as merbromin, cause irreversible damage to gold.

Take into account your regular activities when choosing a piece of jewellery. To avoid knocks and scratches, avoid wearing your jewellery at the beach, in the swimming pool or doing sport. You should also avoid wearing your jewellery when doing housework or gardening.

Avoid the friction caused by your pendant sliding on its chain or wearing several rings on the same finger. If your jewellery receives an electrical shock, the setting may need to be checked in order to avoid the losing the gem.

Ensure your jewellery is not placed too close to sources of intense heat, X rays or other sources of radioactivity.

 About gold:

Most gold jewellery can be cleaned with a non-abrasive product. Examine your jewellery regularly to ensure the setting has not moved and the clasps and joints are firm.

Avoid exposing gold jewellery to household bleach as it will discolour quickly and may disintegrate.

It is also important to store your jewellery correctly. As a precaution, all Lorenzo jewellery is packed in a box, case or bag at the time of purchase to help prevent any dulling. When not being worn, we recommend the jewellery is wrapped and stored in its original packaging or another box or bag.