Colgante Give & Receive

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Yellow Gold Pendant
  • All in 18k Yellow Gold
  • Chain length: 40 cm

Also available in Rose Gold | White Gold

As these are unique, handmade pieces, made to order, shipping and delivery times can be extended to 5 weeks.

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discover GIVE & RECEIVE

“The more love you give, the more love you receive. I have always believed that you feel true happiness when you are able to make someone else happy. True love is making your partner feel loved.

I wanted to create a simple image that could be understood by everyone. I used an open and a closed hand, but both hands seem to both give and receive, because in every relationship there has to be a continuous balance between giving and receiving.

That is also why this piece is round: to me, it’s the basic circle of life, and therefore a wonderful life cycle.”

Dimensions4 × 1,4 × 0,6 cm


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