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Lorenzo Quinn Jewellery



Lorenzo Quinn (Rome, 1966) is a renowned contemporary Italian artist who, driven by the need to observe the energies that fill life with meaning, has turned to avant-garde figurative sculpture to express his passion for storytelling to the world.

“I wanted to sculpt what is arguably the most technically challenging part of the human body: our hands”. This symbol and its various expressive renderings form the core of an artistic production that transcends frontiers. His exhibitions have appeared in numerous cities, including Venice, Shanghai, Cannes, Majorca and Giza.

“Hands wield a great deal of power: they love, hate, create and also destroy”.

Deep, moving and existential: Lorenzo Quinn’s work reflects his drive to communicate the basic values of life. An artistic expression of Italian excellence that inspires and is inspired by the authenticity of small moments.

“I devise my works by writing and the resulting poetic text is then exhibited alongside the sculpture as an intrinsic part of my creation”. Confronting the silence of a blank page is all part of Quinn’s creative process. Thoughts captured on paper become the soul of their inventiveness, because their purpose is none other than to convey the story that lies behind each and every one of them to a wider society.

Family, the undisputed heart of his art, and masters such as Michelangelo, Bernini and Rodin, are the great guiding lights of his career. A path that, driven by a desire to spread the message, has been shaped over the years to explore other fields. “After 32 years of sculpting, the next natural step for me was to see people wearing my art”.


ByLorenzoQuinn breathes life into soulful jewellery that awakens humanity’s innermost feelings with the intention of telling stories with messages.

Values that are embodied in captivating designs that are handmade in Spain and follow an ecological and socially responsible process. Expert craftsmanship that works with a careful selection of materials in the pursuit of excellence.

Sculptures transformed into jewellery to share and celebrate his philosophy with society: “One work of art can change a person and many can change the world”.